“Love is the core energy
that rules everything.

Love is the one
ingredient that holds
us all together.”

—John E. Fetzer


TEDx Navigli experience designers are:

Ferdinando Buscema Magic Experience Designer

Ferdinando is a specialist who designs “magical experiences”, for individual and corporate growth.

With a background in mechanical engineering, humanistic psychology and hermetic traditions, he is a management consultant creating high-value training events for multinational companies.

As a sleight-of-hand artist, he performs worldwide and is credited at the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, the most exclusive stage for magical entertainment.

He is an Advisor for the philanthropic foundation Fetzer Institute.


Annarita Eva Evolution Manager

Annarita is a counselor, executive coach, training designer, with degrees in humanities and social communications.

With interests ranging from transpersonal psychology to electronic music, abstract and psychedelic art, she is cool-memes hunter, whose main focus is the development of human potential.

During her corporate career she’s been HR specialist, outplacement consultant, key account manager.

In 2010 she started her own company, Darwin Consulenza&Selezione, working for the evolution of the human capital.


Gillian Gonda Project Angel

Gillian is responsible for developing, implementing, and managing projects generated by the Fetzer Advisory Councils.

With 20-years experience in public broadcasting, Gillian arrived at the Fetzer Institute in September 2008.

Given her passionate interest in social media and communications, Gillian initially supported the Fetzer Institute's digital media strategy, online activities and internal content production, and was responsible for a portfolio of Fetzer-supported projects and partnerships.

She is based in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Fabrizio Caprara Connector & Good Fellow

Graduated in Economics, he joined Saatchi & Saatchi in 1981. In 1986 he joined the New Business Department of which he became Director at the beginning of 1987. After two years in Saatchi & Saatchi London as European New Business Director he returned to Italy as Deputy General Manager of the Milan office.

In 1994 he is given the assignment of General Manager of Saatchi & Saatchi Italy; in 2007 he became CEO and in November 2010 have been nominated President of Saatchi & Saatchi Italy.


Mariano Tomatis Wonder Injector

Mariano is a professional science writer mixing Narrative and Magic to evoke surprise and astonishment in a world accustomed to the miracles of science and technology.

He believes that the writer’s underlying purpose is the same as magician’s: to encourage people to approach life in a state of Wonder.

His activities as “technician of mystery” spring at the intersection of academical studies in mathematics and a passion for conjuring, philosophy and literature.


Michele Gianella TransladdicTED

In 2008, almost by chance, Michele clicked on a link about "ideas worth spreading". Soon, he found himself spending much of his free time at the “Brain SPA”, as TED is often nicknamed.

He joined the TED Open Translation Project one year later, since its very inception. Back then, there were only a dozen of Italian translators; but little by little, a lot of friends poured constantly in and now 330 people rank the Italian TED translators' community among the world's most active ones.

Later on, he also started sending a lot of emails to both new translators and Italian TEDx organizers, in order to introduce and connect each other. One day, he sent one of those emails to Ferdinando Buscema... and now he's here.

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